Commercial Refrigeration:

Since 1992, Samara refrigeration provided world-class services to its commercial clients. Offering variety of supermarket equipments, cabinets, cold rooms, maintenance and misting solutions. Our clients base includes top retail chains in GCC and the world including: Panda, Carrefour, Lulu and many others.

Industrial Refrigeration:

Saudi Arabia is the largest food processing country in middle-east, thus the food industry heavily relies on refrigeration partner who understand the operational needs of its plants and facilities. Samara offers special solutions to this sector, offering facilities inspection, preventive maintenance, new project design, products renovation, supply of spare parts, equipment and training.

Samara Refrigeration presents The sprinkler system for vegetables and fish in the galleries as well as a system of reservoirs Humidifying vegetables and other food products, thereby helping to preserve the freshness of the products for a longer period and the lack of resistance weights.

Samara Refrigeration provides commercial systems for all stores shelves for storage, bringing the efficiency of storage and increase the effectiveness of the area used for storage.

  • Pallet Racking storage shelving system.
  • Drive in Racking storage system.
  • Supermarket shelves.

Samara Refrigeration provides maintenance service for refrigeration operating systems in the central markets, warehouses and factories, which provides preventive maintenance to help the continuation of the cooling systems to work without interruption longer and reducing the costs compared to the losses that could happen if system stops working; armed with skilled professionals

Samara Refrigeration provides commercial products such as UNIFLOW cashiers with the latest designs to suit all kinds of supermarkets, showrooms and sizes suitable for everyone, as well as the doors (shutter) and automatic doors that open to the top.